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We Manufacture 

Quality Building Screws

Wasung USA is specialized in manufacturing self-tapping, self-drilling and self-piercing screws. Our customers have various customization choices, including color, head style, thread style and plating.

Our Advantages

Industry-Leading Corrosion Resistance

Wasung screws use multi-layer anti-corrosion coatings that can withstand AS3566 Class 3 test for more than 1000 hours. The coatings only consist of eco-friendly materials and are free of hydrogen embrittlement.

High Pullout Strength

Wasung screws for roof and wall offer reliable anti-leakage designs and guarantee a high pullout strength. The diameter of the section closer to a screw head is slightly larger than that of the section closer to the drilling point. This two-section design ensures the screw to tightly seal the drilling hole. The screws are also assembled with quality EPDM sealing rings to further improve their anti-leakage capabilities.

Buying directly from a manufacturer always means a big saving. As an experienced and ISO approved manufacturer, we are always dedicated to deliver whatever styles of fasteners our customers want, not only standard screws, but also specifically custom-made screws. Please contact us with your request.

Competitive Price and Customized Production
Our Advantages
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