About Wasung

Wasung USA Corporation is wholly-owned subsidiary of Hangzhou Huaxing Industry that is headquartered in Hangzhou, China. Wasung offers high-quality construction fastener solution to our customers. With more than a decade experience serving our customers in Asia, Australia and Europe, our manufacturing facilities in China are able to produce a vast array of fasteners that meet and exceed the requirements of different standards in the world, as well as providing made-to-order fastening solutions for special needs. Wasung has also developed world-class heat treatment and anticorrosion technologies to ensure the first-class fastener performance in the industry.

Wasung's values and services to our customers include:


  • High quality and competitive price directly delivered from our manufacturing facility

  • Made-to-order fasteners for the special need of your project

  • U.S. domestic warehousing

  • Air and ocean transportations and customized delivery schedule

Wasung Manufacturing and R&D Plant

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